My words

We're teenage girls, most of the time we think about boys, how we look like and to be the girl that everyone like and thinks is fun. Many of us want to do like everyone else do, because everyone is afraid of be being different.
We fight and we give up. We fall in love and get our hearts broken.

It's very much that happens in our lifes, and sometimes you just need to let all the bad feelings go and just focus on the good. It's hard, i know!
Just let go, just be crazy och do crazy things, because i can promise that in just that moment when you do it, you gonna feel like you are the happiest person in the world, and that is the best feeling you can get.
Stand up for what you do and who you are and don't care what other people think about you. It's your life and yor're perfect just the way you are.

You're just a teenager and you still learning about life. Live young, wild and free and live like it's the last day in your life, because maybe it is?!

Postat av: Sofia

Ohh yeeh !!

2012-03-28 @ 19:24:47
Postat av: elin persson

så rätt!

2012-03-31 @ 18:00:51

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